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Our expertise, experience and independence can make design work for you – whether you’re growing a business, developing public services or working in the built environment.By putting people first in designing our services, we’ll help you find efficiencies, and books exceptional returns.Publication via the Urooj Publication imprint is a perfect choice for the author looking for a complete, high quality, personal publishing program that leverages the expertise of publishing professionals.


Urooj Publication has its own printing setup that is equipped with latest and modern machinery that enhances the quality of work and ensures quick launching of books into the market. This department is not compromised on their work. Urooj Publication doesn’t stop at printing they offer a selection of affordable marketing plans that help the author get recognized and make sales.


Publishing. It has been a true pleasure working with all of you! In our new 21st century publishing environment, where the ‘reading public’ is hungry for independent authors and voices,Urooj Publication innovatively brings outstanding books to market and provides expert publishing services for some of America’s new and seasoned writing talent.Publishing my first children’s book has been an excellent experience thanks to the friendly and caring service of Urooj Publishing.

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