Research and Development

To offer the world some assistance with seizing an once-in-an era chance to change training, we have been changing our self.
UROOJ PUBLICATIONS has developed “UROOJ Educational Research and Development Center” of its own kind at SW- 107 R-3 B/E Data GUNJ BUKHSH, Near Qutab Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Renowned a scholar, educationists and foreign experts with their expertise and valuable experience are there to achieve the standard of excellence. They work in the form of a team. Perfect coordination exists among them. The organization provides them conducive environment and facilities so that they could achieve strategic goals of research and development. The following arrangements for the targeted research and development have been made in this respect.

We have now effectively finished the most critical rebuild in our history, one which has established the frameworks to fortify our position as the Nation’s biggest education as well as publication organization. The advantages of this rebuild are as of now being felt, as we turn out to be more digital and more equipped for enhancing instruction on the planet’s extraordinary creating economies.

Driving this change has been another and unfazed responsibility to viability – the thought that each item or administration we put commitment into is judged by the achievements of the general people who use them. As such, In other words, demonstrating with evidence that we are helping someone do or achieve something that they couldn’t before.

To strengthen our dedication to adequacy, we’ve embraced UROOJ Publication’s Efficacy Growth and Impact Goals, an eager vision by which the name “UROOJ” focuses on affecting the lives of learners by  in basic ways including:

-Access to excellent essential, optional and post-secondary instruction.

-Achievement in instruction through upgraded proficiency, numeracy, information and aptitudes.

While adequacy guarantees that each of our items convey positive learner results, the Efficacy, Growth and Impact Goals will outline the aggregate effect of the greater part of our items on learners throughout the following years. These objectives are eager and will serve as a driver of UROOJ Publication’s future development and profitability.

Our Departments

Urooj Publication has a separate Curriculum & Research Department. Every Author has been facilitated with a separate room where they are endowing with peaceful environment for carrying out their creative work. The Director of this department is “Prof. Muhammad Ijaz Rathore” and The Manager is “Prof. Rubina Amjad Qureshi”. The library has been established for the provision of National and International Editions for Writer’s assistance in their Research and Creative work under one roof.

UROOJ has a dedicated writing department where authors are provided with Peaceful non disturbing Environment so that they can concentrate better to achieve their goals and for carrying out their creative work. Each writer has been given a separate cabin so that he/she may concentrate on his/her work without any disturbance. The writers are also being facilitated with multiple thousand reference books of different kinds including National and International Editions to diversify their approach towards the content writing. A “Mini Library” has been established equipped with theses books for the guidance and research purpose.

The composing and designing department has its own dedication towards the betterment of the company. Our designing department comprises qualified composers, designers and artist who are expert in their field. Our line and editing administrations are for compositions whose idea, substance, and structure have been refined to the point where they’re really prepared for line-level altering. The procedure fluctuates taking into account your original copy’s needs, with choices going from an extensive expressive alter with training notes to draw out the best in your story voice to conclusive amendment of spelling and linguistic use.

UROOJ Publication has its own printing setup that is equipped and facilitated  with latest machinery and digital stations. The modern machinery enhances the quality of work and an efficient printing department ensure quick launching of adequate book styles in the market without compromising the Time and Quality of it. As it’s our motto “UROOJ makes No Compromises on the Quality of Printing”.

Our display center exists in Khalid Business Center, 6 Urdu Bazaar Lahore. All published books available in our display center. Everyone can easily reach their desired books. In this display center people extensively visit to see and buy our books and products. Our cooperative staff members are always there to assist and guide them.

The marketers of Urooj Publication are highly qualified and most of them are Qualified from renowned universities of Pakistan. We have a wide network of marketing team in all over Pakistan that identifies strategic areas for marketing. Our marketing department assumes overall responsibility for developing the annual marketing plan for the organization; for strategic market planning; market research programs; field force activities, and control of the marketing budget.

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