A Publishing house was set by the name BUTT BOOK DEPOT in 1965. Quality books produced by BUTT BOOK DEPOT brought a country-wide fame. Large scale Publications includes school textbooks, technical books of higher level. The supply of quality books at low prices contributed a lot to the progress of the country, where 80 percent population is leading a life at a very poor level.


Ijaz Hussain Butt

BUTT BOOK DEPOT, The choice publications and PELCAN Publishers, will continue pursuing its goal of providing high standard books, and supplementary reading material at a low price for schools and general public at large.


Abdul Rauff Butt
Managing Director

I re-affirm with proud that UROOJ PUBLICATIONS have made the education interesting and easy fir young kids. These books provide a sound base achieving knowledge. UROOJ PUBLICATIONS are available at all big shops of the country.


Nasim Butt
Director Finance

I am proud to say that UROOJ Publications has been publishing quality books for school children for the last so many years.In presence of quality school books in the market, our books are recommended in the Pakistani schools, Middle East and other South Asian Countries.


Mohsin Butt

Education is the only key to success in modern community of nations and this is possible only through good books. UROOJ Publication is working with the same vision.

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